Affordable Europe: Winter is the new summer

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We've all known that Europe is at its most expensive during the summer. But tour operator Trafalgar is now trumpeting the flip side of things: All the savings you receive if you travel to Europe during the rest of the year. And to make winter in Europe ever more appealing, Trafalgar has renamed the period between November and April 2009 its “value season.” Booking tours during this time will net you an average 20 percent discount off the cost of summer tours.

As an extra incentive, Trafalgar is adding early-booking savings: Passengers who book and make a deposit on a tour by July 31 will receive a free pre- or post-night, or double your Trafalgar Club Discount and save an extra 10 percent; if you book and pay in full at least seven months out, you'll save an additional five percent off; pay in full at least four months in advance and get 2.5 percent off. Read the details on

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Florence discounts.

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