Airport lounge access for $17.50?

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With more and more airlines closing down their exclusive lounges due to budget cuts, a new company called Airspace Lounge is offering daily airport lounge access for all—regardless of class, airline or membership.

For starters, the entry price of $17.50 guarantees each person a free sandwich (during the afternoon and evening hours) or a free bagel with condiments for morning travelers, as well as free coffee, tea and beverages. Drinks from the bar cost extra.

The lounges will also offer free wireless internet access and a number of PC and MAC computers on-site. There will be electric outlets at every seat including the bar. Color printing will be available for an extra fee and there is even a business workspace available.

The company says the price—which starts at $17.50—could be raised throughout the day as more people arrive. The highest daily pass will be sold at $45 in an effort to prevent overcrowding.

Patrons with same-day flights will be allowed back in after showing the receipt and credit card used. One caveat: The website claims, "Each daily entry entitles our customer to a total of one free sandwich or breakfast item, though additional sandwiches may be purchased."

Children of all ages are welcomed, however those over age two will be charged the going rate just like everyone else.

The first of up to forty new lounges will open in May at Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI). Residing in Concourse D—home to AirTran, Cape Air, Continental, United and US Airways—the Airspace Lounge will be open to a wide variety of passengers who would normally not have access to such amenities.

Hours of operation are based on the day's flight schedule, with the lounges opening at least 45 minutes prior to the first departure. BWI's lounge will be open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Airspace Lounge accepts all major credit cards—no cash—and as of right now you can only purchase tickets from the lounges themselves.

Do you think this is a good deal, paying $17.50 for a few perks? Or would you rather save your money for all those annoying baggage fees? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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