An Airline Gets Sued for Misleading Fees

Courtesy 401(K) 2012/Flickr
Tired of handing your money over for extra airline fees?

Have you ever felt like airlines were just tacking on extra fees without rhyme or reason? In the case of at least of one airline, you might be right.

According to the Miami Herald, just this week, Spirit Airlines—which many of you know as the airline that charges for carry–ons—was hit with a class–action lawsuit by a Miami law firm for misleading passengers into thinking that extra fees were government charges. The fees, which range from $8.99 to $16.99 were tacked on to airfares regardless of how they were booked and were essentially just a tricky way for the airline to raise the cost of flights.

Spirit has denied the claims and will fight them in court.

Now my question is—is Spirit the only airline instituting this practice or will others be discovered now that folks will be watching pricing more carefully? Only time will tell.

But more importantly, how do you feel about this? Will you continue to fly Spirit if the court case comes back and proves that the charges are misleading?


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