Ask Trip Coach: Camping

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Hiking the High Sierra Camp Loop in Yosemite National Park

You can't get much closer to nature than when you're sleeping out under the stars. But make the wrong move at the campground and your crew will be seriously un-happy campers.

In an upcoming Trip Coach column, we're taking a peaceful respite at the campground. Please send us all of your camping-related questions, and we'll answer as many as we can in the story. You might be wondering:

What kinds of travelers should and shouldn't go camping?

What are the best resources for locating and evaluating campgrounds?

What kind of prices do campgrounds charge nowadays, and what do you get for the money?

What camping gear is essential, and which products are gimmicks a camper can go without?

What common mistakes do newbies make that drive seasoned campers nuts?

For those just not into sleeping on the ground, what are some campground options beyond the classic tent site?

Under what circumstances is it just a bad idea to go camping?

Now it's your turn. Please send us your camping questions, so that we can focus on the most pressing issues in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.


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