Ask Trip Coach: Pet travel

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People love their pets—so much so that they want to take them everywhere they go. But what are the smartest, most fun and headache-free, and all-in-all best ways to travel with your pet?

That's the topic we're going to deal with in an upcoming Trip Coach column. To get us started, we'd like to hear your most pressing questions related to pet travel. You might be wondering:

What airlines and hotels are the most pet-friendly?

When it comes to flying with your pet, are prices and service pretty much the same from airline to airline?

What are the most sensible (and most impractical) kinds of vacations to take with pets?

Just how complicated is it to travel with your pet outside the country?

You get the idea. But you tell us about your concerns. Please send us all of your pet-related travel questions now -- and also, if you feel so inclined, your best advice and wisdom culled from personal experience traveling with your dog, cat, goldfish, gecko, or any other pet.

We'll do our best to provide thoughtful, insightful answers and tons of practical tips in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.

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