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This article was written by Kristen Mascia on behalf of Bookish.com.

How compulsive are you, honestly? Maybe you love knitting—but do you love it so much you’d do it for an entire year, or travel the globe to meet other über-knitters? If you’ve got that kind of passion or stamina (not to mention the cash or time), we tip our hats to you. In fact, if you do set about taking such a journey, there may be a book in it. From bird-watching and hiking to eating strange foods and, of all things, dishwashing, we’ve rounded up memoirs by people who challenged themselves to do one cool/weird/impressive thing over and over again, regardless of where it took them.

Into Thick Air
Jim Malusa
flipped the script on the Seven Summits challenge by cycling to the lowest points on six of the seven continents. From Patagonia to Djibouti, he pedals his way through villages and into the hearts of locals who feed, house and befriend him. Bike enthusiasts will appreciate Malusa’s reflections on his travels in his book, “Into Thick Air.”

Bowling Across America
After his father’s unexpected death, Mike Walsh set out to realize his dad’s dream of playing his favorite sport in all 50 states. For his father it was handball, but Walsh tackled that other beloved American hobby, bowling, traveling cross-country and meeting a whole lot of characters along the way. He remembers the journey in “Bowling Across America.”

Pray tell: What would possess a sane person to wash dishes in all 50 states? We don’t get it, but that’s just what “Dishwasher” author Pete Jordan did for a decade starting in the ’90s, when he moved from state to state to take wash-up jobs in restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, ski resorts and other unexpected places.

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