Denmark launches a social media site for travelers

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Girls running through Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark

Starting this month, Americans of Danish descent have a new way to learn about their heritage and to enjoy walking tours in Denmark. A new site,, publishes fun mini-histories of the country, written by a group of Danish scholars and journalists.

Each "story" is boiled down into a short snippet that can be read or listened to on mobile phones and GPS devices. (In July, the English mobile version will be available.)

For travelers, it's an ideal companion to a day on the sightseeing circuit. There's offbeat information like the location of Denmark's first traffic light, its oldest souvenir shop, and the annual Woodstock-like music festival in Roskilde.

Personally, I'd go for the hot dogs at the Pilot Grill, a popular spot for local airplane buffs. Model airplanes dangle from the ceiling above tables that overlook the airport's main runway.

Along the way, you'll hear amusing tales, such as about the time when Marie-Antoinette shopped for gloves during her visit in the 16th century.


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