Disney's New MyMagic Bands: Cool or Creepy?

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New wristbands will let Disney know which rides—and which characters—are your favorites.

Knowing what the customer wants is obviously one way to succeed at business. And Disney really wants to know what you—yes, you—want. The newest initiative is wristbands that store your personal info and preferences.

The MyMagic+ bands, set to launch some time this spring, will store info like your name and credit card info so that you can use sensors to enter parks (instead of buying tickets and going through turnstiles) and buy souvenirs, food, and drinks once you are inside. You can also use it as your room key at Disney hotels and register for three Fast Passes for rides before you leave for your trip. It will also allow employees—including characters—to greet you by name. The win for Disney is the ease that it allows you to spend money, of course, and that the bands will store your preferences, from which rides you went on to which characters you chose to interact with.

According to an article in the New York Times, you will also be able to control some of the info stored on the bands and manage it through an app and website. You or an employee of the park can deactivate bands if they are stolen, and a PIN will be required for purchases of more than $50. So a wily thief won't be able to take your band and run up a big tab.

What do you think of these new bands? Are they an invasion of privacy, or a smart way to make a trip to Disney a lot easier? 

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