Family-Friendly Travel Tips: Mobile!


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QR Code FAQs

What is a QR code?
The QR code is basically a physical link to a digital destination. Anyone with a smartphone can scan and read QR codes with the click of its camera. By scanning the codes, you can access images, websites, and text.

How do I scan the QR code?
First you'll have to download a QR code "reader" or "scanner". There are tons of these available for free download in many of the app stores for different devices. Here's how to find them:

1. Open your app store, such as iTunes, Blackberry App World, or Android Market and search for "QR code"


2. Check out for a ton of links and reviews for QR code–readers.

How do I use the QR code reader?
Just open the reader app, hold your camera over the QR code, and you'll be taken directly to our great collection of family friendly travel tips.

What kind of tips will I get?
Here's one example:

WEIGH TO GO "After spending two weeks in Alaska—one on land and one on a cruise—we had collected more souvenirs than we'd anticipated. Worried about overweight-luggage fees at the airport, we hauled our suitcases to the cruise ship's gym and weighed them on one of the scales. We kept rearranging the contents until each family member's bag weighed less than 50 pounds (but barely!)." —Nancy Boehmer, Bridgeton, Mo.

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