Greyhound's new low-cost buses, with Wi-Fi

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Attention, fellow cheapskates: Greyhound has launched a low-fare spin-off service, BoltBus, on the popular route between D.C. and N.Y.C. On March 27 , BoltBus starts traveling eight times a day. One-way tickets start at $1, plus a 50 cent fee. Round-trips start at $3. As the seats fill up, the prices rise to about $30 to $40 each way, in line with Greyhound's standard prices on the route. ...

Fares are non-refundable and have to booked online at up to two hours in advance.

Unlike Greyhound's vehicles, BoltBus coaches offer free Wi-Fi and seats with 110-volt plugs.

Locations are limited so far. In Washington, D.C., near the Metro Center Station at 11th Street and G Street. In New York City, near Penn Station at 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue and in south Manhattan at 6th Avenue and Canal Street. There's a one-bag limit for passengers. As noted, eight trips are offered daily.

Passengers use printed boarding passes to board. Each passenger gets a boarding group assignment when they buy their ticket, and each one is boarded roughly in the order in which he or she purchased tickets. Frequent travelers also get seating priority.

I'll try the service on launch day, March 27, and let you know how it goes.

BoltBus hopes to compete with alternative cheap services, which include: DC2NY (which also offers free Wi-Fi and similar schedules), Washington Deluxe, Vamoose, among others.

Thanks to Paul Brady at Jaunted for the tip.

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