Heathrow changing its weird one-bag rule

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Starting Jan. 7, passengers flying through London's Heathrow airport will be able to carry onto flights two pieces of hand baggage. This is a reversal of a previous ruling in August 2006, which limited carry-on baggage to one piece -- period. The rest of the world lets travelers take two bags on board planes, usually one suitcase and one personal bag, like a briefcase or purse.

The one-bag limit is still in place at Gatwick airport.

According to British Airways, these are the new rules:

You can carry onboard one bag no bigger than 22 inches by 17.5 by inches x 9.85 inches, including wheels, pockets and handles. Plus you can tote on board one briefcase or laptop-sized bag. Items must have reasonable weights.

EARLIER TODAYSouthwest tightens its luggage rules.

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