How to Upload Your Photo

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Follow the simple steps listed below to upload your photo.

1. New users
Join Budget Travel by completing the registration form. Once you complete the registration form, click the "join" button.

Returning users
Login to Budget Travel by entering your username and password. Note, if you are already logged in, skip to step two below. Click here if you forgot your password.

2. Successfully logged-in?
How to submit a photo
Option 1
You can add a photo from your Home Page. If you are a new member or an existing member and are logged in, this is the page you will see right after you register. To submit your photo, select the following tab:


Option 2
You can also use our top navigation, place your mouse over the my Budget Travel tab in the navigation bar on and select:

Add a Photo

3. Invite your friends and family
Boost your rating in the community. Click on the "my friends" tab to invite your friends and family to join. Encourage them to rate, view and post a comment on your entry.

NOTE: Make sure you tag your photos "Los Cabos vacation" (in quotes) and you'll be all set!

If you need more information, we've written out detailed instructions to guide you step by step.

1. How to submit a photo
From your "my photos" page, click on the button "upload new photo". To get started, click on "browse" in the upload photo field and locate your photo to upload from your computer. Note, photos must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and less than 8MB in size. Next, type the title of your photo. Then, in the "Title Description" box enter a description of your photo. Where was the picture taken, whom were you with? Finally, in the "Want to Be Seen by Others? Tag It!" box, add any tags that describe your photo. Tags are words or short phrases that describe your media. Tagging your media makes it easier for other travelers to find. Separate tags with spaces, and use quotes to create multi-word tags (e.g.: diving hotels "family travel" "Costa Rica").

2. How to edit a submission
To edit a submission, select "my photos". The "my photos" page contains an option to edit a submission. Select the "edit" link below the entry and add your changes. Then, be sure to select the button "save edits".

3. How to create the perfect upload
Here's our advice how To Upload a Photo the Right Way.

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