Think You Know London?

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Put your city smarts to the test by taking our 12-question trivia quiz. Each answer reveals a neat tip for your next visit.

Londoners take their city's epic sweep in stride. They think nothing of it that Oxford Street—the city's busiest shopping corridor—traces the route of an ancient road built by Roman conquerors. Commuters barely bat an eye at the local architectural styles, which span 900 years. But unlike natives, visitors are understandably bowled over by the British capital's weighty history.

Think you know London like the back of your hand? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz. If you score 9–12, you deserve afternoon tea at the Wolseley (160 Piccadilly, 011-44/20-7499-6996)—because tourists go to the Ritz.

Score between 5 and 8, and you'll need to do additional trivia research at a London pub. Talking to locals is a terrific way to improve your knowledge, and it's easy to chat folks up when you're sipping a pint. (For a full taste of local flavor, be sure to munch on a packet of pork scratchings, as the British call pork rinds.)

Any lower point total, and you'll need to keep visiting until you get the quiz right.

Claire Oldman is a travel writer who lives in London. You can also find her writing on style at Lola Is Beauty.

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