Is Carnival's New Fee Actually Worth Paying?

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A couple weeks ago we told you about Carnival's new policy to stop passengers from hogging deck chairs. You universally cheered the move in the comments. The cruise line's newest initiative may be a bit more controversial.

Passengers on Carnival's ships now have the option to pay $49.95 per stateroom for the "convenience" of getting on board the ship early. My initial reaction was "ugh, just another fee." But as I dug deeper, it may not seem like such a bad deal. The Faster to the Fun fee gets you early embarkation with a guarantee that your cabin will be ready, expedited luggage delivery, priority dining reservations, and early or late disembarkation (your choice). So basically, for $25 per person you can in theory get on board, into your swimsuit, and onto a deck chair with a pina colada while the rest of the passengers wait in line on shore. And get off the boat and into a taxi to the airport while everyone else checks their watches. Am I crazy, or does that not sound so bad?

What do you think? Does this actually sound like a fee worth paying, or have these fees gotten so out of hand that we can't tell a good idea from a bad?


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