JetBlue's Mea Culpa

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It's not often that a CEO offers a public apology, but that's what happened earlier this week when JetBlue's "humiliated and mortified" founder David Neeleman released a YouTube video , which you can watch on the company website. His message came after storms on Feb. 14 left passengers at JFK stranded on the runway for more than 10 hours and caused JetBlue to cancel hundreds of flights. In an effort to regain favor, Neeleman has announced a JetBlue Customer Bill of Rights promising to compensate fliers who experience delays.

Customers will be compensated based on the length of the delays, with vouchers ranging from $25 to the full ticket price. The delays include airplanes unable to taxi to the gate within 30 minutes and flight departures held up for a minimum of three hours.

JetBlue would compensate customers with a full refund or a voucher for a flight canceled within 12 hours of its departure. Passengers would receive vouchers if flight delays are the airline's fault, and JetBlue vowed to deplane passengers if an aircraft is delayed on the ground for five hours.

What do you think of all this? Vote in our online poll on whether Congress should enact a Passengers' Bill of Rights!

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