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It might not come as a surprise that smartphones are increasingly becoming essential travel tools. A recent survey has confirmed that, in fact, 51 percent of smartphone owners are using their devices to access travel content, and nearly one in five use their devices to actually book travel.

While most smartphone users are still using their devices to gather information, a comScore survey of mobile travelers age 18 and older conducted the three months ended February 2012, found that 21 percent of smartphone consumers checked in for a flight on their device, 18 percent booked a flight on their smartphone, and 10 percent canceled a flight on their phone.

"Smartphones have really stepped in to meet a variety of needs for travelers, such as coordination of schedules, locations, trip itineraries and transactions," said Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of mobile.

Twenty-six percent of smartphone users check airfares on their mobile device, while 25 percent look up an airline phone number, flight schedules, and check a flight status.

Here is a breakdown of how smartphone users are using their devices to access flight information:

Checked airfare prices: 26%

Looked up a phone number (i.e. airline): 25%

Looked at flight schedules: 25%

Checked a flight status (arrival/delays): 25%

Looked up airport information: 24%

Checked in for a flight: 21%

Received price alerts for flights: 19%

Booked a flight: 18%

Received SMS alerts for a flight status: 17%

Tracked the status of a checked bag: 13%

Canceled a flight: 10%

And here, how smartphone users are using their devices to access hotel information:

Looked up hotel address/directions: 29%

Looked up/ researched attractions/ things to do at my destination/near my hotel: 23%

Looked up/researched places to eat at my destination/near my hotel: 22%

Read a hotel review: 22%

Compared hotel prices & availability: 21%

Booked a hotel room: 18%

Received price alerts for hotels: 18%

Looked up/researched ground transportation at my destination/near my hotel: 17%

Cancelled a hotel reservation: 10%

How do you use your smartphone when you travel? What kind of information or tools are helpful to you when you’re visiting a new city or a foreign land? Let us know by commenting below.

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