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Travel uses for your Blackberry, Palm Treo and PDA Lists hotels in 20 U.S. cities that have vacancies for that very night The downloadable application of Google Maps is nearly identical tp the version you've already used on a desktop Get estimates of how long an airport's secuirty line will be Beiks sells downloadable dictionaries and phrase books for 26 languages The Weather Channel's service is the quickest and easiest way to get extended forecasts for 98,000 locations Zagat to Go contains the same restaurant, hotel, and nightlife reviews as those offered in its books One of the best world-clock programs available for download Get GPS capability on your PDA

Bags fashioned from scrap materials Vy and Elle Alchemy Goods Friends-International Worn Again Demano Terracycle

Camera Mounts Joby Gorillapod has twitable legs to wrap around objects. This bottle-top camera mount fits sungly over the cap of a water or soda bottle When fully extended, the XShot is an impressive 37 inches long The Pod is a small beanbag with a camera mounting screw The Chestpod is designed to make it possible to hold a still or video camera for long periods without your arm getting tired With the 18-inch-long Quick Pod Pro+, you can take a self-portrait with enough background in the shot to tell where you are

Electronics The photo-sharing website Flickr has introduced Camera Finder, a feature that can help you buy a new camera by showing pix taken with various models International phone and electronics guide and listings

Golf Gear A rental service that delivers golf clubs to a hotel or golf course in certain Florida cities.

Creative Travel Gear Each pocket-size Travelon toiletry packet contains 50 wafer-thin sheets that turn into soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, or laundry detergent when you add water. Reef's sandals have a compartment in each heel so you can store your ID, money, and keys while you're at the pool or the beach. Airports Designer Jason Solarek's Air Wear bags depict the codes, latitudes, and cities for 40 airports. Not only can Rand McNally's microfiber maps help you find your way in more than 20 U.S. cities, they also double as napkins and as cloths for cleaning your glasses. Sunscreen chemicals are bad for coral reefs. Caribbean Solutions' sunblocks use biodegradable ingredients. Even the most obsessive packer will have a hard time finding something missing from this master list. Squish these Guyot Designs bowls to fit them into a suitcase, and they'll spring back into shape. Made of a suede-like material, this 2-by-2-foot bandana absorbs nearly a cup of water The Eye-Fi is the first wireless memory card for digital cameras. SurroundXi, a speaker system by RAPHA International, is encased in a seven-inch-long aluminum tube that fits easily in a beach bag.

Travel Clothing Shop for travel clothing, including Buzz Off insect repellent apparel

Compact Backpack Items for Hikers and Campers Columbia Pants Therm-A-Rest Pillow Black Diamond Headlamp Sea-To-Summit Liner Gregory Backpack Mountain Hardwear Long-sleeve T-shirt Eastern Mountain Sports Parka Keen Sandals

Travel Gear for Germaphobes Travel advice and supplies (from clothes to toiletries and more) Tooth brush sanitizer Personal cleansing technology for your bathroom

Travel Gear for Kids Child-safety harness to keep toddlers secure on flights

Travel Gear for Laptops The Executive Traveler bag comes with a laptop sleeve The Duo 15 Wheeled Case has plenty of pockets (including a padded laptop slot). The Rolling Laptop Overnighter has packing space in a smaller overall package

Travel Gear at a Discount Shop for luggage and accessories; also travel tips and a traveler's checklist Look for the Eastern Mountain Sports Outlet Store on the left-hand navigation bar Access Campmor's Web Bargains section via a link at the top Specializes in hunting gear Browse Osprey's selection of backpacks and luggage Shop for outdoors gear: REI created a special URL just for discounted merchandise Equipment for those who love the outdoors Shop online for luggage and accessories

Travel-Size Products Individual travel-size products from cereal to shampoo

Podcasts/Audiobooks/City Tours Edit audio easily Download books, newspapers, and more to your personal audio player London podcast city tour Podcast from Kyoto on Japanese culture and more Cultural and historic tours of three Buenos Aires barrios are now available for iPods. Cultural podcast from Spain, includes segments on food, maps, and language Sells digital audio books San Francisco cultural and historical podcast Watch short films about US towns and cities

Museum Podcasts Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan Podcast tours of Paris's Musée d'Orsay and Louvre Tour six U.K museums Museum audio tours

Online Photo Services Apple's online photo album; organize and share digital pictures Store, sort, and share photos in an online account Send and receive digital photos without email or online accounts (formerly Store, sort and share photos online, buy prints and accessories Store, sort, and share photos; buy inexpensive prints Google's photo organizer for PCs Users can create photo albums with templates that match thier vacation Store, sort, and share photos; create personalized cards and gifts Store, sort, and share photos online Store, sort, and share photos; order large poster prints and other customized prints

Downloadable Movies Links to live web cams across the country and across the globe Download movies

Upload your travel videos

Create Your Own Travel Blog Search for blogs about places/countries; start your own travel blog Helps you create a blog and integrate it into your Facebook page

Wi-fi Info Find wireless hotspots in your area, by provider Search for and connect to wireless providers near you Find wireless hotspots around the globe Links to Wi-fi resources and electronics sites Find wireless hotspots around the globe; sign up to become a zone provider

Free Wi-Fi Read about chains giving away free Wi-Fi

Free Calls Over Internet Download Skype software and make free internet calls

Luggage tracking tags

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