Rating airlines: what factor matters most?


This month, Sean O'Neill reported on updates to travel review giant TripAdvisor.com:

This being TripAdvisor, you now get to see how other travelers have rated the airline on eight measures, such as baggage handling, check-in experience, punctuality, and seat comfort. Users can give ratings (but not full reviews yet) by logging in through Facebook or their own TripAdvisor account.

TripAdvisor's new function got me thinking about what I look for when choosing an airline. Sure, factors like baggage handling and check-in experience are important. Of course, I don't want my new luggage thrown around like a rag doll. And no one wants to deal with a grumpy ticket agent. But, to be honest, I usually just go with the lowest fares on any given route, regardless of the reputation of the staff, the width of a seat in coach, or the availability of a free bag of peanuts. Am I alone in considering value above all else?

When picking an airline, which of TripAdvisor's eight categories matters most to you?

Vote in our poll, and then voice your opinions below.


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