One Drone, Please! Rent Travel Photo Gear for Cheap with This Online Service

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We all marvel at beautiful travel photography, especially truly creative finished products like time-lapse videos of surreal-looking sunsets or action-heavy GoPro shots of ski runs. The thing is, buying expensive, professional photo gear of your own is a tough call to make. Will you love it? Will you actually use it? And, most importantly, will it be worth the money?

Cool solution: Gear-rental website Lumoid lets users rent fancy photo equipment at reasonable prices (think: cameras, tripods, lenses, Google Glass, drones, GoPros, etc.). The service works like this: Pick out the equipment you want on the website, receive it via mail at home or at your hotel, use it, and then pack it up and send it back. If you decide you don't want to part with it, 30 percent of the rental fee goes toward purchasing it.

The site's packaged kits in particular are targeted to travel enthusiasts. A few fun ones: The Adventurist set comes with a GoPro Hero 4, headstrap, tripod, suction cup, and helmet strap mount ($12/day); the Wildlife Photography Kit consists of a Canon 70D and telephoto lens ($24/day); and, for when Instagram doesn't quite cut it, the Foodie package pairs a Canon EOS 6D with two lenses—a 100mm telephoto macro and a 50mm prime lens ($34/day).

Lumoid users have already posted incredible shots like the New Year's Eve fireworks bursting over San Francisco and a bald eagle cruising the skies along the Mississippi River. And, yes, you can take the equipment overseas! Insurance doesn't cover it, though—so be careful.

Did we mention there are drones for rent? They start at $8 per day, a small price to pay for temporary ownership of such wonderful toys.

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