Shopping: Souvenir savior


Ah, souvenirs—the tangible (and sometimes embarrassing) reminders of a trip.

But did you know you can buy souvenirs for trips you haven't taken?

In 2005, Alisa Grifo started Kiosk, full of thriftstore-like finds from across the globe. About three times a year, she goes on a trip to scavenge for true-to-their-origin items—Chinese New Year pinwheels from Hong Kong, Ice Fishing Line Weights from Finland, and handmade dishes from Mexico. She goes to markets, grocery stores, cafes—anywhere locals go, picking the shop owners' brains all the way. As she wrote on her site, "The goods assembled together in Kiosk become a rough portrait of each trip."

Grifo focuses on offering items from one destination at a time. Currently, it's Hong Kong. You'll find her wares at Kiosk, a brick-and-mortar shop in New York City on 95 Spring Street, and at

JD Rinne

Birdwhistles, $3 each, from Kiosk

CORRECTED at 10:25 a.m.: Due to an editor's error, this post originally gave the incorrect price for the birdwhistles.

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