Skiing in Virginia? In the summer?

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Starting on August 29, Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Va., will give skiers and snowboarders the freedom to ride in the great outdoors year-round.

How can this be possible? Give the credit to Snowflex, a soft, synthetic substance that's a pretty close imitation of snow, only it's not cold, and it doesn't have to be groomed. Ski areas using the substance have opened already overseas, but this will be the first such operation in the U.S.

Skiers, boarders, and tubers will be able to zip down a 500-foot-long Snowflex-covered slope on Liberty Mountain, right on the college's campus. The terrain includes a beginner slope, as well as freestyle areas with kickers, grind rails, and an 11-foot-high quarter pipe.

Helmets are highly recommended, and long pants and long-sleeve T-shirts are mandatory, even during the peak of summer. Tickets to ride are pretty cheap: $5 an hour Monday to Wednesday, $7 an hour Thursday to Sunday, and Liberty University students pay just $2 to $4 an hour.

Check out more details at Liberty's website. And let the shredding begin for 12 months of the year.

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