What are your family travel lifesavers?

Courtesy Nina Willdorf
Mimi travels in style

Before I had a baby, I had my packing routine down to 15 minutes flat. I kept a toiletry bag prepared so I always had it at the ready. I had mental lists for different trip types (beach, mountain, city). But my 9-month old has thrown that all out the window. Packing is now a multi-day event.

This weekend, we're heading to Charlevoix, Mich., for a family getaway. It's only a two-hour flight, but I'm already gathering the little lifesavers I've found to help us en-route. A fellow mom turned me on to the glory that is a pacifier clip. Our babysitter shared with me the genius of single-serving bags of formula, so you don't have to mess with measuring. And I wouldn't dare to leave home without my daughter's stuffed lamb, which ensures that she can feel comfortable wherever we land.

What are your family travel lifesavers—the products and tricks you keep in your back pocket?

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