Survey: Hoteliers pick the world's best tourists

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In a first-annual survey,Expedia asked 4,000 hoteliers their opinions of various nationalities. The Japanese got the most praise. Americans tied with Thai tourists for an unimpressive 11th place.

Of course, hotel owners and managers have different concerns than fellow tourists. So American travelers may have their own opinions.

The World's Best Tourists, Ranking From Best to Worst, 2008

1. Japanese

2. German/British (tie) (The Germans were considered the tidiest of all nationalities.)

3. Canadian (The most popular tourists in their own country were the Canadians as well.)

4. Swiss

5. Dutch

6. Australian/Swedish (tie)

7. Belgian

8. Norwegian

9. Austrian/Danish/Finnish (tie)

10. New Zealanders (Kiwi)

11. U.S. American/Thai (tie)

12. Irish/Czech/South African/Portugese (tie)

13. Brazilian

14. Italian/Greek/Polish (tie)

15. Turkish

16. Spanish

17. Mexican

18. Russian

19. French ...The French didn't do too well, coming in, as you can see at 19th. They were seen as the most “fiscally conservative,” presumably when it comes to such matters as tipping.

20. Indian

21. Chinese

The point of the survey, at least for Expedia, is to advertise its summer sale of up to 30 percent off its travel products and packages (

But putting that aside, what do you think about the results?

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