The first G.A.P. Adventures store


Some of our most popular Real Deals have been vacation packages put together by G.A.P. Adventures, a Canadian company that specializes in outdoor adventure travel. These packages include escorted, small-group tours, which come in cushy and rough-and-tumble versions.

G.A.P. Adventures has been launching "stores" worldwide. The latest store to open is at 364 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Assistants can help custom-tailor the best package for you.

Photo: Rick McCharles, Creative Commons

Here are some recent Real Deals involving G.A.P. Adventures. Airfare is additional.

In the Buddha's Footsteps, $745 a Person.

Costa Rica Volunteering & Tour, $695.

Myanmar Revealed Over 13-Nights, From $905

Hiking Through Navajo History, 7 Nights, $1,395 Per Person.

Thailand for 11 Nights, From $870 a Person

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