The tackiest tourist photos on the web

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Do you enjoy casually browsing through silly souvenir photos? You know, the kind that makes it look like you're holding up the leaning Tower of Pisa or gives the impression that you're taller than the Eiffel Tower? If so, you're in luck! A new website,, lets people upload and share their craziest—and most creative—travel photos.

Featuring anything from odd encounters at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum—like the guy sniffing wax–Beyonce's armpits—to photos of bizarre roadside attractions, the website pokes fun at stereotypical tourist shots, odd sightings and other spontaneous travel moments.

Most of the pictures on the website revolve around a few theme shots: Cute pictures of people behind large board cut–outs (like the couple posing behind the giant Octoberfest themed cut–out at their wedding) or awkward pics of American tourists hopelessly trying to blend in with French culture (did anyone else notice her New York Giants t–shirt?).

Some of the classic shots include a father and son mimicking the famous "Rocky Balboa" pose on the steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and my personal favorite, an uber–tacky one of a man pretending to be hanging over a cliff, entitled, "Hanging on for 127 Seconds—Eat Your Heart Out, James Franco!" Another one that stands out is "Yellowstone Flatulence," featuring a woman lying down at such an angle that Old Faithful resembles an entirely different type of eruption.

Tacky Tourist Photos accepts submissions, which will eventually be included in a coffee table book. Those wishing to submit a photo are asked to email a high–resolution copy, along with your name, description and the date and location of the photo to A quirky bio for the website is also requested.

I can only think of one really good picture that I'd like to submit to something like this. When I first moved to New York eight months ago, my father took me to Madame Toussauds Wax Museum for a day with the stars. I must have made him snap pictures of me posing with the "celebrities" all day, but the funniest one is my encounter with King Kong, where I'm pretending to be screaming for help as the giant beast carries me away. Pure tacky genius.

Do you have any funny tourist photos?


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