Traveler helps to catch a flier who smuggled a gun on a plane

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Earlier today at Philadelphia airport, one passenger saw another passenger hand a U.S. Airways employee a bag, who then carried it around, instead of through, airport security. Alarmed, the passenger notified security, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Officials tracked down the bag on the plane as it was preparing for take-off. Turns out there was an unloaded gun in the bag, say news reports. Flight 1195 was bound for Phoenix.

UPDATE: June 5:

According to an FBI affadavit, the passenger who has been accused of carrying the bag on board denies that he circumvented security procedures. The FBI says that the unloaded Smith & Wesson 9 mm semiautomatic handgun is registed in his name and he has a valid permit to carry it.

The Philly Inquirer reports that the passenger had been roomates with the US Airways official. Both have been arrested for violating federal laws about carrying weapons aboard aircraft, authorities said. It appears that this plot was a dumb idea for one friend to help another move a gun across country and there was no plan to do anyone any harm.

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