Trip Coach: Need help taking better vacation photos?

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You're back from a recent trip, scrolling through the pictures in your digital camera, and frankly, they're a bit disappointing. The images are flat, out of focus, barren of life, just plain lame. What went wrong? In an upcoming Trip Coach column, we'll help explain—and reveal how to bring back awesome photos next time around.

Fire away every question you've ever had about how to get better vacation photos. Want some tricks for nailing the perfect sunset? Or to find out some easy ways to get great pics of your kids? When's the best light, and how do you cope when the sun just isn't cooperating? Are you puzzled as to what photo-sharing services work best? And what the heck are all those icons—runner, flower, crescent moon, and so on—next to the shutter release?

We can help. Send us your questions, and we'll answer them in an upcoming Trip Coach column of the magazine.


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