Psst! Wanna Zoom Through Airport Security?

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Okay, so the phrase "The new TSA PreCheck application form went live this week!" may not be quite as hot as, say, "So sorry, there's no room in coach, would you mind if we bump you up to first class?" But if you're not one of the 25 million airline passengers who have already used PreCheck to zoom through security (with your shoes, belt, and coat on and your laptop safely tucked away), it's time to sign up!

Read the guidelines carefully and be prepared to share your name as it appears on your identification documents, the date and location of your birth , contact info, physical description, and to answer questions about your past (such as criminal record, history of mental illness, and any changes to your name). Next step is to bring your application to an enrollment site, where you verify citizenship, show ID, and get—yup—fingerprinted. The good news is that TSA plans to open 300 such application centers. The bad news is that only centers in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles will be open by year's end and only one—at Indianapolis International Airport—is currently open. (Insert government-shutdown joke of your choice here.) But once you are enrolled, the TSA reports that PreCheck is available at more than 100 airports nationwide.

TALK TO US! We want to know: Have you tried PreCheck? What did you think?

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