Would you say no to an upgrade?

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Dumb question, right? But when my partner, Adam, and I (that sounds like three people, but it's just two) were checking in for our Continental flight from Newark to Belize City, the kiosk informed him he was eligible for a free upgrade, because he's at the silver level of the airline's Elite Access loyalty program. Seeing as how it was the beginning of our vacation, and realizing I might not let him forget he chose to fly in business class without me, he declined the upgrade. (A week later, something evidently changed: He took the upgrade! To be fair, I insisted he take it--I mean, we'd just spent seven days together; we could live for four hours. Plus, his back was hurt, so the better seat would really make a difference.) What would you have done? Would you take an upgrade and leave your companion back in coach?

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