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For the past three-and-a-half years, I've been lucky enough to be an editor at Budget Travel. But today is my last day. The right time to quit the best job in the world is when it still feels like it's the best job in the world.

I'm moving to London, and I'll continue to contribute from there. But I'll miss our online conversation here. You've posted more than 25,000 comments. Some of my favorites have been by Iolaire and the late Tom Buqo. Your comments sparked e-mail exchanges that led to full articles, such as Toni's (always relevant) piece on how to annoy a flight attendant.

Thanks to the blogosphere for having welcomed us, too. According to Technorati, this is one of the top ten most linked-to travel blogs.

None of us can travel as much as we'd like, but if we share tips on this site, all of us can make the most of our vacations. So please keep commenting and sharing your insights!

In that spirit, let me pass along a tip. I visited the Empire State Building last week and I have to say: If you haven't been there in more than a couple of years, you ought to consider stopping by. When I last visited many years ago, there was a 90-minute wait to get to the first elevators—much of the wait spent outside in the steamy weather. This time, there was only a 20-minute wait, and all of it was inside an air-conditioned lobby that's been expanded to handle larger crowds. Officials say they've cut wait-times dramatically despite having record attendance this summer.

While you wait for the elevators, there's more to see and enjoy in the lobby than before. As part of the skyscraper's half-billion dollar renovation, the symmetrically-patterned marble, art deco murals, and antique chandeliers are now on display in their full, 1930s-worthy grandeur.

The view at the top remains as spectacular as ever, especially at night. (The last elevator ascends at 1 a.m. daily. Daily entrance hours begin at 8 a.m. admission: adults $20, ages 12–17 $18, and children $14.)

The new blog editor will say hello soon. In the meantime, enjoy the end of the summer, and thanks for reading!


Sean O'

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