35 EASY Solo Trips to Try!

The London SkylineA beautiful scene from ParisAmsterdam
Queenstown, New Zealand at DuskBlack Rock Beach Cove in Maui, HawaiiHairy coo, Scotland
Lisbon, PortugalBadlands National Park in South DakotaA view of the Hong Kong skyline
Hikers in the HimalayasNyhavn in CopenhagenDenali National Park in Alaska in autumn
The Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin, IrelandThe Maroon Bells near Aspen, ColoradoOld Town Square in Warsaw, Poland
Machu Picchu in PeruThe Burj al Arab building in Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSunset over London's Westminster Abbey and Big Ben
Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, JapanHoodoos at Bryce CanyonAtlas Mountains in Morocco
Camino de SantiagoView of ancient house and small wooden bridge, VeniceAlice Springs in Australia
Beach scene from Ambergris Caye in BelizeLyon, FranceThe colors of Curacao
A fishing boat in Alaska's Glacier Bay.Incense outside the Jade Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamEdinburgh Castle in Scotland
Nazcar (Nascar) Booby pair on Galapagos islandsCampo di Fiori marketplace in RomeZanzibar beach in Tanzania
Cuyabeno National Park, EcuadorAran Islands in Ireland
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"London. I missed it so much after studying abroad. I was too impatient to wait for friends to join so I just took off! I spent my days wandering around all of the lovely markets and saw a few West End shows to fill my evenings. Great trip!" —@BonVoyageLauren

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"Paris, Salzburg, Berlin, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the U.S. I have met some wonderful people because I was forced to talk to strangers!" —Gina Seashore

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"I eased into solo travel two years ago with a week in Cancun, then did Florence and Amsterdam this spring. Solo travel lets you explore the world while exploring the nooks and crannies of your soul." —Samantha Lee

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"Traveling to New Zealand alone was one of the most refreshing experiences I've ever had. I zorbed in Rotorua, rode horseback on a black sand beach, sat in a hot spring, and learned how to drive on the opposite side of the road! Traveling by myself gave me time to get out of my own head and to really absorb a culture in a new way." —Candice Shores

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"I spent a week in Hawaii (Maui and Big Island) by myself, and it was glorious! At times, I wished I had other people with me to enjoy the beautiful sights, but now with smartphones and Facebook, I was able to share my adventures with my friends back home in real time and that made it feel like I wasn't quite alone." —Natalie Haslage

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"I went to Scotland and England for a week by myself. Because I traveled by myself I could stay in hostels, make my own schedule, interact with the locals, eat what I wanted and when I wanted, find the generosity of strangers, and just enjoy all that is Scotland and England." —Cyndi Armstrong

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"Lisbon is full of history, culture, sights, friendly locals, and delicious food and wine. I felt very safe, which is big plus." —@cbleahen

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"I recently did a five-day solo road trip through South Dakota. The freedom to do things whenever I wanted to was intoxicating. Also, I knew I wasn't driving anyone else crazy by stopping to take photos in Badlands National Park at every single lookout point—my usual travel buddies would have killed me!" —@willwrite4food2

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"Hong Kong—cultural activities, classes, and bike rides through the countryside!" —@PeanutsPretzels

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"While traveling in India, my partner got sick. I spent the day on my own, taking pictures and mingling with the locals. I rented a horse and visited the Himalayas with a Sikh guide who told me all about his family, temple, and job. It was amazing to be transported to such lifestyle if only for a day. The natural beauty and wild monkeys helped as well." —Esther Pujol Rodriguez


"I do love traveling alone. I try to combine my work as an academic (a presentation somewhere), then a two to three week trip that may include stops to see family and friends, a cruise, or just touring on my own. My latest adventure was a solo cruise from New Orleans to Copenhagen where I have friends." —Kate Reynolds

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"I spent a week in Alaska whale watching, dog-sledding, horseback riding through the mountains, and eating fresh salmon. It was hands down the best week of my life! I had so much freedom and as a young woman it was empowering to travel alone and satisfy my wanderlust. It has definitely sparked a travel bug and I can't wait to take my next solo adventure, hopefully this time to a new country." —Hannah Baker

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"I have been on many, but the last was in celebration of my 44th birthday to London and Dublin. I rode around on double decker buses, a complete tourist, got a tattoo in Dublin, drank Guinness, and stood in the winds of Stonehenge. Best trip ever!" —Sherri Lynn

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"Four months through Europe, Argentina, and Nicaragua, and a road trip thru Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. I try to take a solo trip at least one time per year!" —@kellyirish72

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"Solo travel is good for soul and spirit. The best solo trip was to Poland where I discovered long lost relatives and a connection to the past." —@Finding40Book

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"After a meeting in Lima, I flew solo to Cusco. I spent a day sightseeing in that area, then a day in the Sacred Valley followed by a day at Machu Picchu. It was great as I met people from all over the world, people I wouldn't have met had I been with family or friends." —Carl J. Woodin


"17 days solo to Australia. 14 days solo to Dubai and Afghanistan. Nine days solo to Qatar. 23 days (driving) solo to seven national parks in the western US. Bring on the questions!" —Casey Swakon

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"I went on my first major trip alone in 1976 to London. I couldn't find anybody who wanted to go along, nevertheless, being a woman alone, I found that people were very helpful to me. I did the usual sightseeing, and at night I went to pubs and a few discos. After I came home, I vowed that I would return to London, and I did—six times!" —Dotty Kurtz

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"Japan—Kyoto, Tokyo, Nikko, and Mt. Fuji by rail. Scandanavia—Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden by ship. Italy by rail. Maui and Portugal by car. I love the quiet, use of sharp instincts, and freedom of movement." —Carrie Budner

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"I did the Grand Circle on a bus tour by myself. It was a fantastic trip, the best I've ever taken. I floated in a raft down the Colorado River Gorge and rode a mule down into Bryce Canyon. The best part of all was hiking up Mt. Zion through Walter's Wiggles with a waitress I hired to go with me to see the sun rise." —Lynne Carpenter

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"Morocco. Last February I ventured off for 14 days to tour the cities of Marrakech, Essaouira, and a two-day Sahara Desert camel trek, staying overnight in a Berber tent. My most exciting trip to date." —Valerie Franks

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"In 1978, I went backpacking solo thru Europe. I just finished the Camino de Santiago solo in May. With both I met lots of great people I probably would not have met if I was traveling with friends." —Patrick Smith

"I moved to Abu Dhabi alone and I have since been to Kuala Lumpur and Venice alone." —Christine Morris

"I've cruised solo several times and went to London, New Zealand, and Australia on solo trips. The highlight was renting a campervan in Darwin, Australia, and driving it down to Alice Springs. Met awesome people and had the time of my life!" —Michele Kreps Morris

"My first solo trip was to Belize. It was far enough away to feel like a vacation but close enough that if something happened, I could be back on U.S. soil. It also helped that the country spoke English. Now I've traveled all over the place by myself." —Cherelle Mattox

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"I just returned from a solo trip to France. I stayed with a friend in Paris but was on my own in Annecy, Lyon, la Roque Gageac, Arles, and Marseille. It was a whirlwind trip and I loved seeing so much of that beautiful country!" —Jessica Gottlieb

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"I have traveled to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Rico (several times), Costa Rica, and Curacao alone. I love being on my own schedule and agenda. Depending on where I go, I take tours (I've met like minded people and other solo travelers), ride the public buses, sightsee, shop, and hang out on the beach." —Jackie Turner

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"I went to Alaska from Pennsylvania on a Harley that ran perfectly. North Dakota, believe it or not, was sublime. A great trip alone." —@Gogniat

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"I backpacked through Vietnam on my own for several weeks back in 2000. It was amazing!" —Elizabeth Rand

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"I'm traveling solo in Scotland right now! Exploring Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival, and will be going to the Royal Military Tattoo. I prefer to travel with loved ones, but I'd rather travel alone than not at all!" —Virginia Nicolai

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"I've done several, but my most enjoyable was a solo overland adventure traveling by motorcycle from Texas to Tierra del Fuego, with side trips to the Galapagos and Antarctica." —Troy Wong


"Twice, about to go on the third. First time was to Natal, Brazil, the second was to Florianopolis, in the south of Brazil, and next will certainly be the most amazing one: to Italy, in three weeks, where I'll spend 36 days, part of which in Rome, Vasto, and the rest about to be decided." —Giovana Boselli

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"Among many others, I've taken solo trips to Bali, Indonesia; Peru; Italy; the U.K.; Yellowstone; Mexico; and Zanzibar. Even in situations with groups, it's possible to do solo excursions. When you're alone, you're free to do what you want when you want. You're only limited by your imagination and your budget." —Anthony Ho

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"England, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, and Peru. I had such a great time in the Amazon, the indigenous [people] asked me to stay. I would be famous because they didn't have any "gringas" there. I laughed and then they said, "We'll find you a husband." I replied that I could be motivated." —Carol Davison

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"I went to the Irish Aran Islands, the perfect place for solo travelers. Highly recommended." —Null & Full

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From the beaches of Belize to the heights of the Himalayas, there's no need to wait when the world is calling! Here, Budget Travel readers' favorite solo travel adventures.

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