PHOTOS: 10 Best Budget Destinations for 2014

2014_Best-Places_Cape-Town_South-Africa_aerial2014_Best-Places_Cape-Town_South-Africa_colorful2014_Best-Places_Cape-Town_South-Africa_penguins2014_Best-Places_Warsaw_Poland_aerial2014_Best-Places_Warsaw_Poland_town-center2014_Best-Places_Warsaw_Poland_memorial2014_Best-Places_Dominican-Republic_sea2014_Best-Places_Dominican-Republic_people2014_Best-Places_Dominican-Republic_horseback-ride2014_Best-Places_Seoul_South-Korea_Gyeongbokgung-palace2014_Best-Places_Seoul_South-Korea_Bukchon_Hanok-Village2014_Best-Places_Seoul_South-Korea_town2014_Best-Places_Atlantic-Canada_village2014_Best-Places_Atlantic-Canada_ship2014_Best-Places_Atlantic-Canada_fishermanVladimirs Koskins/Dreamstime2014_Best-Places_Riga_Latvia_aerial_2014_Best-Places_Riga_Latvia_bayCourtesy Universal Studios Orlando2014_Best-Places_Orlando_Florida_Sea-World2014_Best-Places_Orlando_Florida_Disney-World2014_Best-Places_Venice_Italy_canal2014_Best-Places_Venice_Italy_gondolas2014_Best-Places_Venice_Italy_street2014_Best-Places_Buenos-Aires_Argentina_La-Boca2014_Best-Places_Buenos-Aires_Argentina_Recoleta2014_Best-Places_Buenos-Aires_Argentina_tango2014_Best-Places_Philadelphia_skyline2014_Best-Places_Philadelphia_Please-Touch_Carousel2014_Best-Places_Philadelphia_Independence-Hall
Cape Town Stadium, South Africa.
— Andrea Willmore/Dreamstime
Colourful beach dwellings at Muizenberg, Cape Town.
— Dorinda450/Dreamstime
Penguins walk on the beach at the Boulders Beach Nature Reserve, near Cape Town.
An evening panorama of Old Town in Warsaw, Poland.
— Jacek Kadaj/Dreamstime
Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland.
— Badahos/Dreamstime
Monument to the Warsaw uprising in Krasinski square in Warsaw, Poland.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
— Alicia Dauksis/Dreamstime
Locals in the Dominican Republic, dressed in traditional costumes.
— Dikoz2009/Dreamstime
Knight's Caribbean paradise, by the beautiful Macao beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
— Paulo Rainho/Dreamstime
Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul, South Korea.
— Phattana/Dreamstime
Area west of Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea.
— Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
The entrance to Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea.
— Michelleliaw/Dreamstime
Near the Blue Rocks outside of historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
The Picton Castle at anchor in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
— Greg Banks/Dreamstime
Fisherman at work in Nova Scotia.
— Americanspirit/Dreamstime
The town hall area of Riga, Latvia.
— Vladimirs Koskins/Dreamstime
Aerial view of Riga, Latvia, taken from Academy of Science.
— Nadezhda1906/Dreamstime
Riga is an inviting place to relax, right on the Baltic Sea.
— Janis Smits/Dreamstime
The Simpsons' "Springfield," at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.
Orcas performing at SeaWorld Orlando.
A theater production in the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando.
The beautiful canals of Venice.
Venetian gondolas on the Grand Canal.
— Mariematata/Dreamstime
A small cafe on the streets of Venice.
A caminito (little walkway) in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
— Zaramira/Dreamstime
The Recoleta neighborhood, Buenos Aires.
Couple dancing the tango in the street in Buenos Aires.
The magnificent skyline of downtown Philadelphia.
— Sean Pavone/Dreamstime
Dentzel Carousel at the kid-friendly Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia's Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in July, 1776.

With amazing food, glorious public spaces, and unparalleled museums, theme parks, and beaches, the only thing “budget” about these world-class vacation spots is the price tag!

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