70 readers share their '08 trip plans...

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Y'all are the most interesting travelers we've ever heard of. When we asked you about your travel resolutions for the New Year, more than 70 of you posted comments sharing your plans.

The winner of the most ambitious travel schedule is Pat:

Jan -- India

Feb—Canada-winter carnival

March—Las Vegas

April—Canada -train to Halifax

May—last cruise on the QEII to Med.

June, July, August—time off

Sept—train to Canada west coast and cruise west coast and thru Panama Canal to Miami

Oct—Costa Rica

Nov and Dec—more time off

And the most inspiring trip plan we came across might be Sarah's:

We're heading to Mongolia for the Nadaam Festival of the Manly Arts (wrestling, archery, and horseracing) in July. We'll spend 17 days traveling to Ulann Bataar, the Gobi Desert, Lake Hovsgol and to see the games in Moran where we'll meet the wrestlers in person. Hope to ride a camel, a yak cart, a Mongolian pony and a reindeer before it is all over!

Then again, it might be Jessie's:

Headed for the Adriatic in late May—trying to stretch my dollars: Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (small group trip). Fall will be a trip to Norway or Egypt, leaning toward either trip on my own. Although in my 70's, still traveling as much as I can afford.

Here are some other trip plans that are wonderfully creative:

In June 2008 we are planning a 17-day trip to Ukraine, Russia and Finland. We will start in Kiev, then up to Moscow over to St Petersburg then take a boat trip over to Helsinki and fly home from there.—Kimberly

In 2008, we will be completing our endeavor to visit all 50 states.—Kent Waggoner

In 2008, we are planning a 30 day trip to africa, egypt and dubai. we will do a 9 day safari, cruise the nile and ski in dubai!—Lisa

In September, my son is treating me to a Polar Bear and Northern Lights stay at the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in the Cape Tatnum Wildlife area.—Marge Pacheco

April: Yunnan, China, to photograph native plants, visit different ethnic groups. October: Cape Province, South Africa, to study southern hemisphere plants, Johannesburg to visit Soweto, learn about living conditions, changes since end of apartheid.—Linda

My daughter and I plan to visit Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, Mexico in late 2008.—Renee

This February, a trip to Patagonia with a few days in BA. Wanted to go there for a long time....Later in fall--probably, Peru.—Tatiana.

In February we are headed for southern Spain and Morocco. In September we plan to visit the Ukraine.—Fran Roux

Full list, here.

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