Ask Trip Coach: Solo travel

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The prospect of going it alone on your travels can be intimidating. But going solo offers a sense of freedom and accomplishment you'd never get hitting the road with a travel companion.

In an upcoming Trip Coach column, we're going to offer tons of tips -- and hopefully, assuage some fears -- for all travelers intrigued with the idea of taking an adventure with me, myself, and I. But first, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your concerns big and small regarding solo travel.

Are you worried you'll be lonely?

What safety issues are there to worry about, and how can a single traveler avoid getting robbed, or worse?

Are you interested in getting advice for how to for meet locals and fellow travelers who can be trusted?

Are you curious about places that are good destinations for solo travelers, and those that should be avoided if traveling alone?

Want to know how and when it's possible to sidestep those pesky single supplement charges?

Or about which tour companies, cruise lines, and resorts are especially friendly to single travelers?

No matter if you've traveled alone dozens of times or you've never been bold enough to give it a try, please send us all of your questions regarding solo travel. We'll address the most pressing issues in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.


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