Back from Paris and ready to report

To reader Seakat, I asked for a macaron at McDonald's, but this was the closest they had (Courtesy Laura MacNeil)

Now that I've (barely) recovered from macaron withdrawal, I wanted to thank you again for all of the advice you gave me before I left! Your comments were a great resource as I scouted the city. I made it to almost every macaron establishment mentioned in the comments, so stay tuned for a slide show about my discoveries and preferences. I'd particularly like to thank Melissa Whitlock, Kate, Anne Buchanan, and Melissa for their suggestions.

Thanks also to Elizabeth and Margaret for their recommendations of Studio 28 and all the movie houses along rue Champollion. When I stopped by the Art Deco movie palace Grand Rex, though, I learned it has the unfortunate habit of dubbing all its international films into French. I'll be compiling all my research into an article about destination-worthy cinemas throughout the city.

Carla in Canada suggested a great falafel place in the Marais—thank you! L'As du Fallafel was fantastic. Let me follow that up by saying that if you continue along rue des Rosiers towards the Pompidou center and make a right at Rue Vielle du Temple, you'll spot a park lined with benches a little bit up on your left; it's an ideal falafel-eating location.

I'll be posting more Paris articles and hotel reviews in the coming weeks—plus, if all goes well, a somewhat-humorous video about trying to crack the Velib bike system. As always, your feedback is welcome!

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