Coronavirus: a message from Lonely Planet’s CEO to travelers

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Lonely Planet is committed to caring for the well-being of society and supporting response efforts all around the world. For the time being, we are concentrating our digital editorial focus to cover the urgent and fast-moving issues for travelers arising from the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Please visit our dedicated coronavirus/COVID-19 section and follow us on social media for more coverage.

At Lonely Planet, we realize that now is not the best time to travel to and from many places. As travel lovers, this is shaking us to our core; but we should all follow government advice and, as a further measure, consider if our journey is essential in the current context.

While we keep you informed, we also invite you to continue to dream about the wonders of the world and prepare to travel when the time is right. We are writing some great stories to keep you inspired and entertained while at home. I personally love our recent wildlife webcams article, spotting animals for a few minutes was a much-needed distraction and a good reminder of how wonderful nature can be.

Finally, to assist travelers where we can, we've increased the number of free previews on our mobile apps to 99 so that anyone who is away from home can access features like audio phrasebooks, transit maps, and essential info on any destination. Get our app here.

We look forward to helping you realize travel plans very soon, and we’ll continue working to be prepared for this point too.

Stay strong, informed and positive.


Lonely Planet is Budget Travel's parent company.

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