Do You Work on Vacation?

Courtesy Ed Yourdon/Flickr

Fewer and fewer people are unplugging on vacation—a recent study by the University of Michigan shows that wireless use is 15 percent higher on vacation. Of course, that doesn't mean that all of these folks are logging on to work—most of them are checking the local weather, transportation schedules, and restaurant recommendations in their destinations.

That said, there are plenty of people who do log on to work while they're on vacation, myself included. Now that it's easier than ever to get online from anywhere, it can be harder than ever to unplug from the office—and everyone knows that, your boss included.

For me, I actually don't mind logging on while I'm on vacation. I limit myself to 30 minutes once a day to check email and respond to urgent questions. I find that less stressful than returning from vacation to find my inbox about to explode. But not everyone agrees. A good friend of mine simply refuses to check her email when she travels to the extent where she even leaves her computer and her smartphone at home.

What about you? Do you make time to work while you're traveling for fun? Vote in our poll!


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