How Do You Pay For Your Vacation?

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You've decided to take a trip and you want to make the experience as stress-free as possible. But one thing that gets the old heart pumping is how to pay for your vacation.

Worrying about every nickel and dime does not equate to a relaxing vacation experience. But how do you figure out what you can actually afford to spend?

Sure, logic—and your mother—tell you that you should save up money in advance and have enough funds available to cover your expenses. But are there times when doing a vacation splurge on your credit card is okay? What about using a home equity line or other loan to pay for your dream experience?

In an upcoming issue of Budget Travel we will be taking a hard look at the money aspect of the vacation experience. We'll be talking to financial advisors and other experts to get their take on vacation spending.

Topics we'll be exploring include:

Credit card vs. savings account.

ATMs vs. traveler's checks.

Vacation layaway options.

'Bucket list' trips and retirement planning.

Ways to keep your vacation budget under control.

Applications to help figure out your vacation expenses, cut costs.

But we want to hear from you. Please share your experiences, tips or questions. Your comments may appear in an upcoming Trip Coach column.


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