Hotel bathtubs are an endangered species

Courtesy Dennis Wong/Flickr

Remember the hotel bathtub? The sanctuary where you could take a

lingering soak after a long day, hands and feet pruning? Well, many hotel chains are replacing bathtubs with larger showers.

The reason? Many travelers prefer showers, especially showers that are walk-in, glass-enclosed units with pulsing jets of water. Yet while showers may be great for many business travelers in a rush, what about vacationing families with small children? Or what about mature travelers who want to unwind during their vacation? You have to wonder.

Says USA Today:

Holiday Inn has gone from roughly 95 percent of its newly built hotels having tubs a decade ago to only 55 percent of new structures featuring them now. Marriott plans for 75 percent of the chain's rooms to have showers only.

What about you? Would you rather have a spacious, fancy shower than a bathtub at your hotel? Please vote in our poll and feel free to speak your mind by posting a comment. Thanks.


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