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Which travel news blog would I read if I could choose only one? The Cranky Flier, written for the past three years by former airline employee Brett Snyder.

The blogs I enjoy most are the ones done by somebody who is obsessed and who can convey their enthusiasm and knowledge clearly. There are dozens of fantastic blogs about travel out there, but I've learned more about the industry from The Cranky Flier than any other blog.

Brett Snyder is a self-described airline dork, and his posts can get incredibly detailed. Fascinated by planes since he was a kid, he volunteered at Traveler's Aid at a local airport when he was a teenager. He's worked for several well known airlines. For many years, he was one of the airfare analysts who monitor the fares of rival airlines and respond as quickly as possible to match prices.

If you're somebody who would like to tap into Brett's knowledge without having to read three years of superdetailed blog posts, you'll be glad to know that today he's launched Cranky Concierge, which he calls "a personalized air travel assistance company for those fliers who would like to have an airline dork watching over them."

For $30 for all passengers on an itinerary (with a money-back guarantee), Cranky Concierge will help you pick the optimal flight options. But he's not a travel agent, so he's not going to be trying to sell you tickets so that he can get a commission. What he will do, instead, is answer your questions about ticket buying, send you e-mails with info on the status of your flight on the day of your trip, help you in the event of a cancellation (including assisting you in obtaining a night at a hotel if you get stuck at an airport). Best of all, if an airline does you wrong, Cranky Concierge will try to get you compensation, such as by helping to draft complaint letters and directing those letters to the most appropriate contacts.

Find full info at Cranky Concierge.


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