Kayak responds to mimicry by TripAdvisor and

By Sean O'Neill
October 3, 2012

One of our most loyal blog readers, Iolaire McFadden, noticed something similar about Travelzoo's recently launched airfare search engine and TripAdvisor's new Flight metasearch feature. Both of the sites look like the largest metasearch site, Kayak. Iolaire points out:

"They appear to use the same layout, refining results top left, various flight information refinement settings mid-left, such as number of stops, flight time range, airlines cabin types, etc.… And flight information is in the middle of the page with ads on the right. does it a tad better than by including their standard site navigation around the search tool, but still… I guess Kayak deserves some kudos on the product placement… But still I wish and TripAdvisor were innovating beyond what has been done."

Well, I thought Iolaire had a good point. The sites do look similar. But neither TripAdvisor nor Travelzoo's are using Kayak's services. They developed their remarkably similar search engines on their own.

I asked Kayak CEO Steve Hafner what he thought about the design of the two new rival metasearch sites. He gave the same statement he recently provided the L.A. Times Daily Travel & Deal Blog

" welcomes the competition since it should help grow the metasearch category—hopefully to Kayak's ultimate benefit. We are flattered by how many design elements TripAdvisor has chosen to mimic from our site.

While the visuals may be similar, ultimately it's the caliber of the results that distinguishes the category leader. We offer the most comprehensive, relevant search and we continue to invest in the tools and brainpower to make our site easy to use for everyone. Kayak offers more money-saving technology than any other travel site including Flexible Search, Kayak Buzz, Airfare History Charts, Real-time Collaboration, and our new Hotel Rate Calendar. Plus, Kayak is available in 11 countries worldwide.

We're also very excited to compete with TripAdvisor on hotel reviews. In just a few weeks, will re-launch TravelPost, the world’s most comprehensive travel site for hotel reviews, descriptions and rates. TravelPost will search hotel information and rates from more than 200 travel sites and displays hotel reviews from leading review sites. We've applied our industry-leading filtering and sorting tools to hotel reviews which allows TravelPost users to find the most relevant reviews from people like them. Plus, TravelPost incorporates the Kayak easy-to-use, clean, uncluttered user interface."

It's war!


Kudos to TripAdvisor for including fee estimates in its new fare search tool

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