Last-minute travel: Where to fly this Fourth of July

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Another night in Las Vegas

Where are you going this Fourth of July? According to data from our friends at (they provide all of the flight information for our monthly story on shoulder season steals!), Americans looking to save money over the holiday weekend might think about staying home and barbecuing in their own backyards.

Airfares are up almost across the board this summer, with an increase of 8% to top domestic destinations and 9% to top international destinations. So are there any deals to be found?

Of the top ten American travel destinations for the Fourth weekend, only Las Vegas offers savings when compared to the same time last year—airfares have dropped 7%. Otherwise, Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, and Seattle/Tacoma have seen the lowest year–over–year increases.

Top domestic destinations 2011 (airfare change vs. July 2010)

Orlando (5% increase)

Los Angeles (12% increase)

New York (19% increase)

Denver (3% increase)

Seattle/Tacoma (3% increase)

Las Vegas (7% decrease)

Chicago (12% increase)

Boston (6% increase)

San Francisco (new to the list)

Ft. Lauderdale (2% increase)

On the international front, flights to both London and Guadalajara are cheaper this summer than in 2010.

Top international destinations 2011 (airfare change vs. July 2010)

San Juan (11% increase)

London (3% decrease)

Paris (10% increase)

Cancun (4% increase)

Mexico City (1% increase)

Madrid (new to the list)

Guadalajara (6% decrease)

Vancouver (12% increase)

Athens (new to the list)

San Jose Juan Santamaria (new to the list)

Are higher airfares going to keep you from traveling this Fourth of July? If not, where are you flying?


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