Is This the Most Insane Airline Fee Yet?

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We've covered airline fees a lot in this blog, but Spirit's newest fee really is outrageous. Travelers can now be charged $100 to bring a bag on board if they wait until they get to the gate to pay the fee. The airline also raised the fee for booking a carry on online in advance to $35 (was $30) and $50 if you wait until you reach the ticket counter (was $40).

It's too early to say how many people (if any) have been charged the fee. The airline has maintained that they don't actually want anyone to pay $100 for a checked bag. They are setting the price so high to encourage travelers to pay fees in advance instead of at the airport, saving the airline employees' time and resources plus speeding up the boarding process. Even if no traveler actually pays the fee, Spirit is making money off of all the fees they charge. According to an article in Forbes, the company was near bankruptcy but is now a success. 

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