New shoelaces ready for airport security

Courtesy U-Laces

Not since Velcro has there been much innovation in how people tie their shoes. But since May, travelers looking to quickly slip in and out of their shoes at airport security have a new product to try: U-Laces.

Ordinary shoes use 36-inch laces that crisscross through the eyelets, but U-Laces are a set of six pairs of tiny strips that run horizontally across your shoes, with a tie lace up at the top.

What this means is that they "lock in and pop out" easily. Pulling off your shoes at a TSA checkpoint suddenly becomes quick.

U-Laces come in a multitude of colors, sure to match your various pairs of shoes.

The company's website tries to appeal to kids by showing rainbow-colored collections, but you can get your U-Laces all in the same, businesslike color, too.


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