Reader-Recommended, All-Ages-Approved Vacations


Budget Travel readers share their suggestions for vacation destinations that Junior will enjoy as much as Grandma.

"My mother, my niece, and I went to Disney World for my niece's 12th birthday two summers ago. It was amazing to see the sights through her eyes. The best tip I can give is to take time to enjoy little moments (laughing together), even the mishaps (i.e., accidentally biting into a glow necklace and finding out it won't kill you). The rides and the characters are great, but it was the downtime recapping the day that was the most fun." Patrina Beard, 39, Marietta, Ga.

"My boyfriend and I have taken our children and my parents to Whistler, British Columbia, twice. My mom enjoys the sleigh rides, restaurants, and spas while the rest of us are skiing or snowboarding. Having a few walkie-talkies is a great way to keep in touch during the day." Sandi Smith, 42, Eagle Creek, Ore.

"The in-laws, sis-in-law, wife, 1-year-old daughter, and I all went to Bangkok for five days. One of the many lessons we learned is that you have to accept that you can't see every site in the guidebook, especially with a kid. Visiting fewer sites without rushing makes for a less stressful vacation." Mark Allen Co, 37, Santa Clara, Calif.

"Last October, I went with my 65-year-old mother, 92-year-old grandmother, and 3-year-old daughter to Europe for 16 days. We saw a lot and visited relatives around my mom and grandmother's hometown of Varel, Germany. We had a great time, and I love that I have pictures of four generations together that I will cherish forever." Caroline Edwards, 44, Mission Viejo, Calif.

"I took a trip to North Carolina with my husband (age 40), daughter (age 8), mother (age 65), aunt (age 63), and great-aunt (age 75). We rented a condo with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so that if an older member of the group didn't feel like going hiking, they could stay in the apartment—and the kids had plenty of space to roam around instead of being cooped up in a hotel." Amy Duke, 38, Wauchula, Fla.

"Last August, my husband and I invited our 30-something daughter and 15-year-old granddaughter on a vacation. We considered a two-week road trip, but the travel details got really complicated. Instead we kept it simple and took a cruise. Our primary goals—relax, have fun, do something different, and meet for dinner each night—were easily accomplished." Rebecca Robbins, 59, Stockton, Calif.


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