Shop Talk: Satellite-image souvenirs

Courtesy Glass Atlas

One of the last remaining pleasures of air travel as we know it is the calming, miniaturized sight of a wrinkled mountain range or a neatly stitched patchwork of farmland, as seen from an airplane window at 35,000 feet.

For the price of reserving said window seat on a couple of round-trip flights on Spirit Airlines ($12 each way), the people at Glass Atlas will turn a full-color satellite image of one of your favorite aerial views into a three-and-a-half inch diameter glass-domed souvenir paperweight. It sounds corny, but the photos are pretty cool—many of them even look like works of abstract art. I like Washington, D.C., taken by NASA's Terra satellite, which vaguely resembles a fiery tree, and Texas fields, from NASA's Landsat 7 satellite. (Unsurprisingly, NASA's Landsat 7 ETM+ satellite shot of the Grand Canyon is gorgeous as well.)

The paperweight's rim can be customized with a message etched into the glass, and each one comes in a decorative wooden box; they're currently on sale for $40 at


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