Travel News: 5 Airfare Bargains, Lonely Planet Is Now on Alexa and Google Assistant, and How to Get Paid to Eat (Really!)

By The Budget Travel Editors
April 5, 2018
A beautiful view of the coast of Hvammstangi, in western Iceland.
Alexey Stiop/Dreamstime
There’s a great big world out there, and our latest “news you can use” may inspire a trip you never knew you needed.

Whether you’re looking for an unexpectedly affordable airfare to a popular destination, or want to talk to some of the world’s most renowned travel experts via Alexa, or just have a hankering for living the life of a professional food critic, this week’s travel news may launch you in an altogether new direction.


It may be time to book your summer trip. Our number-crunching friends at Skyscanner ( have delivered some great news in advance of 2018’s high season. Airfares to some of the world’s most popular destinations have plummeted over the past year, including: Reykjavik, Iceland (down 27 percent, with average airfare dropping to $631); Denver (down 19 percent, to $385); Tampa (down 16 percent drop, to $363); Las Vegas (down 14 percent, to $391), and Hong Kong, China (down 11 percent, to $1,362).


Budget Travel’s parent company, Lonely Planet (, has a long history of embracing tech innovations, and, as a result, you can now find unparalleled trip ideas and know-how by simply asking Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, “Let me talk to Lonely Planet.” You can learn more about a specific destination, including insider tips from Lonely Planet’s worldwide network of researchers and writers, or get some “tripspiration” from LP’s travel news and “best place to be in the world today.”


We’ve all dreamed of what it must be like to be a food critic like Pete Wells, who literally gets paid to eat and share his opinions in the New York Times. Well, Colorado-based Noosa Yoghurt will give five foodies the chance to explore American food trends, becoming the company’s “Flavor Finders,” and get paid $2,000 in the process (

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Travel News: Philly Is Still Making History, How to Get a Free Passport, and the Ultimate Destination Wedding Resource

American history and culture will be on display in Philadelphia's Historic District this summer, while a cool package tour company makes it easier than ever for young travelers to get their first passport, and a new online platform aims to take the pain out of booking a destination wedding. PHILADELPHIA: AMERICA’S FIRST WORLD HERITAGE CITY Sure, Philadelphia ( is where our country was born, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution at what is now Independence National Historical Park. But the City of Brotherly Love continues to make history, as America’s first-ever UNESCO World Heritage City. Philadelphia is home to the stunningly designed and impeccably curated new Museum of the American Revolution and the renovated Independence Visitor Center, and it's hosting an array of don’t-miss happenings in 2018. This summer, Philly’s fabled Historic District will welcome Cherry Street Pier (where you can shop, eat, or just relax) and the Philadelphia Bourse food hall, plus cool new exhibits at the National Museum of American Jewish History and the National Constitution Center. HOW TO GET A FREE PASSPORT Travelers ages 18 to 35 can get a free first-time passport (a savings of $145) when they book with Contiki, the social tour company for 18-to-35-year-olds ( Contiki is a convenient way for first-time international travelers to venture overseas to Europe (its 12-day European Discovery tour is one of the most popular) and beyond, led by an expert tour manager with all the details taken care of by the innovative and reliable tour company. Contiki conceived the free-passport deal in response to the recent finding that half of all Millennials do not own a passport. We hope some of you are inspired to jump on this opportunity. THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING RESOURCE Planning a destination wedding can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. And by “thrilling,” we mean it’s a little bit like riding the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island every day for months. Kiss & Tell, a new online booking platform ( wants to disrupt all that disruption by offering all-inclusive destination wedding accommodations for services including booking venues, vendors, blocks of rooms, and more. 


Travel News: Spring Travel Predictions, Pot Festivals, and San Diego Celebrates a Birthday

From coast-to-coast cannabis celebrations to an all-access pass to San Diego's many exciting sites and museums to American Express Travel's predictions for the spring's hottest destinations, here's the latest trip-inspiring travel news: NUMBERS DON'T LIE: HOT SPOTS FOR SPRING TRAVEL, REVEALED American Express Travel has culled its piles of booking data and cross-examined its experts in the trenches to determine the must-go destinations for spring. The city seeing the biggest spike in bookings—238%, to be precise--is a destination that, let’s just say, has been in the news quite a bit: Russia’s capital, Moscow. It’s easy to suppose—errr…to joke that there’s a lot of spies buying plane tickets, but really it’s the city’s pleasant spring temps and jaw-dropping historical and cultural sites that are a common bucket-list item. Botswana, South Africa is another distant locale where travel is up by 200%. April through October, the dry season, is the most ideal time to take advantage of the region’s unparalleled safaris. Santiago, Chile, where autumn is just beginning, Santorini, Greece, which offers storybook seaside landscapes that are still mellow before summertime high-season, and Doha, Qatar, a luxe destination set against an ancient backdrop, are other cities increasingly piquing travelers’ interest. When it comes to Americans staying closer to home, St. Louis is turning heads. Go for the blossoming botanical gardens, stay for the festivals, baseballs, breweries and hip restaurants.  POT PARTIES ACROSS THE USA It's 420 somewhere. Well, on the clock, that is. On the calendar, however, 4/20 only comes once a year and with that April day fast approaching. As more and more American states legalize recreational marijuana, festivals and events that pay homage to that symbolic date are showing up coast to coast, and not all of them happen on 4/20, so there's still lots of time to plan. (Alert to those not in the know: 420 is code for smoking weed. Legend has it that the slang derived from the California criminal code for distribution/possession of weed.) Among the many varied events around the country are the blowout 420 Rally in Denver, ground zero for pot tourism. (April 20, Hip-hop luminaries, vendors sell a range of paraphernalia, and up to 10,000 people attend. The National Cannabis Festival in Washington DC (April 21, includes all sorts of activism-minded activity and a Cypress Hill concert. The Hash Bash on the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus, an annual event for decades, offers activist speakers, street parties, live music and plenty more. (April 14,   SAN DIEGO CELEBRATES A LEGENDARY PARK'S 150TH California became a state in 1850. Then only 18 years later, Balboa Park was established on 1,400 acres in San Diego and has since become home to everything from the San Diego Zoo to the San Diego Natural History Museum to the Model Railroad Museum, a science center with IMAX, art museums and plenty more. With the 150th anniversary of the park, the city is throwing a party and we travelers are the ones getting the present: the Go San Diego Card. The pass gives access to more than 40 attractions and it’s available for one day ($94; $89 children 12 and under), two days ($129; $115) and up to five days ($279; $245). Prices go up on March 29, so start planning your trip to SoCal. Stat! (


Travel News: Fitness on the Road, the Great American Family Vacation, and the ASPCA’s Best Pet-Safety Tips.

As travelers gear up to take spring trips and finalize summer plans, we're seeing some cool trends that may inspire your next booking, and some important advice about flying with pets. FITNESS ON THE ROAD According to a new study by Hostelworld (, Americans, especially younger ones, are just as focused on fitness on vacation as they are at home. The hostel-booking platform asked 2,500-plus men and women ages 18-65 about their exercise habits while on holiday, and a whopping 74% said they work out just as much—if not more—when they're out of office. Millennials take their routines especially seriously, listing fitness and outdoor activity as a higher priority than access to bars and nightlife, with some 40% of those surveyed saying they always get in at least one workout while they're away—and that easy access to fitness facilities is a must when booking accommodations. FAMILY VACATIONS: BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER Research from AAA Travel ( says that 88 million Americans plan to take family vacations this year. “No matter their age, families are going on not just one, but  multiple vacations throughout the year to revisit favorite destinations and experiences new places,” says BIll Sutherland, AA senior vice president of Travel and Publishing. AAA is also seeing international family travel as a growing trend, with 35 percent of vacationing families reporting that they will travel outside the U.S. (that’s up 9% over the past two years). Popular international family hotspots include Cancun, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Rome, and Dublin. A TRIP YOU’LL DIG Speaking of family travel, the budding paleontologists in your brood may really love a trip to Indiana Caverns (, the spectacular cave system in Corydon, IN (about 20 miles from Louisville, KY), where a team from the Indiana State Museum and Historic Site will start unearthing the remains of prehistoric animals on April. The dig will include an observation deck for visitors to witness the action, and the team will bring buckets of excavated sediment and bones up to the observation deck to show visitors what they’ve found and explain its importance. “This groundbreaking fieldwork being conducted by Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites experts offers our guests and extraordinary opportunity to be there and watch as history is being discovered,” says Jeremy Yackle, Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director. PET-SAFETY TIPS FROM THE ASPCA Love traveling with your pet? Dr. Kristen Frank, Medical Director, ASPCA Animal Hospital, DVM, DACVIM (, offers some easy, common-sense tips for pet safety during air travel: * Pets in the cabin of an airplane should be contained in a well-ventilated carrier, which should never be placed in an overhead bin. * Pets should have access to circulating air and to water; a toy, treat, or blanket may also help to keep them relaxed in transit. * Pet owners should always consult with their pet’s veterinarian when considering travel to determine what is safe for the individual animal based on trip duration, age, species, breed, and other factors. * Pet owners should travel with a pet kit containing any necessities, including proof of vaccinations. * Medications should be given only on a case-by-case basis with veterinary approval. * Check with individual airlines to discuss fees or restrictions such as those on carriers, breeds, or species. * Always exercise caution and consider all available options when traveling with a pet.


Travel News: Coffee Tourism, Setting Fire to Socks, and Dancing at the Whitney

From a Costa Rica coffee farm to one of NYC’s most storied art collections to the (literal) kickoff of flip-flop season, here's the latest trip-inspiring travel news: COFFEE TOURISM Starbucks just opened its Hacienda Alsacia Visitor Center, part of its Costa Rican coffee farm. Visitors can experience coffee-making first-hand (“from seedling, to roasting, to tasting”), including Starbucks’ commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable  “agronomy,” and the company’s Farmer Support Center. ( SETTING FIRE TO SOCKS On April 14, Panama City, FL, will celebrate the arrival of flip-flop season with its annual Burning of the Socks. Bring your socks to the marina and watch ’em go up in flames in a porcelain bathtub by the water. ( DANCING AT THE WHITNEY Artist Nick Mauss will present his first solo museum show in the U.S., at the Whitney, in New York City. Opening on March 16, the exhibit Transmissions “explores the reciprocal relationship of modernist ballet and the avant-garde in New York from the 1930s through the 1950s.” The twist? The exhibition will include daily dance performances in the Whitney’s eighth-floor Hurst Family Galleries. (