Travelers reveal what's in their bags

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What's in your bag?

New site invites people to share what's inside their bag. Travel bags are a major category, of course.

People also reveal what's inside their bags for other hobbies and activities, such as cooking, photography, and parenting a baby.

Here are some travel-related examples:

Jake Cressman, who's traveling across the globe with his girlfriend, showed off several items in their shared pack. Of particular interest: two Eagle Creek Pack-It Sacs (one for electronic items and the other for large toiletries) and a Petzl Zipka 2 Headlamp, which they say is relatively lightweight.

Kara McCain, who is on a plane every 2 to 3 weeks, also had interesting items in her bag. To combat the dry eyes that accompany flying, she uses Visine Totality Multi-Symptom Relief Eye Drops.

To avoid that "I- swallowed-a-lizard"-taste of a long international flight, Kara pops an occasional Colgate Wisp Peppermint in her mouth—until she's able to get to a clean rest room and brush her teeth properly. Her favorite travel socks? SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crews. "They are super thick, warm, soft and comfy…perfect for long, cold flights."

All of this made us wonder: What's typically in your carry-on bag?

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