Where Travelers Pay the Highest Taxes

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Travelers to Chicago pay the highest amount of taxes per day

When you are setting your vacation budget, it's easy to overlook taxes as you calculate airfare and hotel rates and even reasonably priced restaurants. But a recent report may have you adding them to the budget.

TheGlobal Business Travel Association published a report exposing the average amount of taxes travelers pay per day in 50 popular cities by factoring in local sales tax as well as taxes on car rentals, hotel stays, and meals. The most expensive cities for taxes are not a huge surprise—Chicago ($40.31 per day), New York ($37.98 per day), and Boston ($34.83 per day). Other cities in the top 10 include Minneapolis, Seattle, and Cleveland (not cities you would think of as pricy), where travelers also pay around $34 per day in taxes.

The good news, especially if you are planning a beach vacation, is that the three least expensive locations were the coastal Florida towns of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and West Palm Beach, where taxes were calculated at $22.21 per day (Orlando was the other Florida city on the low–end, with taxes of $24.50 per day). Portland, Oregon, was also in the lowest bracket with taxes around $22 a day, $12 cheaper than its Pacific Northwest buddy Seattle.

Would high local taxes make you change your mind about a destination? Let us know!


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