A few good links: Going on vacation the Simpsons way

Courtesy maraismode/myBudgetTravel
Beaune Market Day, Burgundy

Top Simpsons Travel Destinations The Simpsons' passports have gotten lots of use over the years. [Canoe.ca]

On U Street, around Old Anacostia Looking for the African American past of D.C. [Boston Globe]

A homey, decadent White House A Portland B&B; with a striking similarity to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. [The Boston Globe]

Free beer samples at Anheuser-Busch theme parks run dry Oddly, there wasn't that much interest in them, anyway. [Chicago Tribune]

France rebrands itself to keep No. 1 tourism spot Because having 80 million visitors a year just isn't enough. [AP via Yahoo! News]

'Historic' building versus religious rights A Christian Scientist congregation in downtown D.C. wants to tear down its Brutalist church, saying it doesn't jibe with their faith. [Christian Science Monitor]

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